Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29: An Ugly Job, but a Beautiful Day for It

Kevin and our nephew, Nick went into the trees and really cleaned them out.  It is a job that took all day, plus the work that Kevin had done earlier in the week.  Great breeze and nice temps made it less painful, but the knees and arms are going to know it.  Great job, guys!

When they finished this, they tackled three bushes that really tested their muscles as they sawed them down to nothing.  After taking Nick home, Kevin and I picked a bag of weeds and then said "DONE!"  We are not, but we are for a few days.

I conveniently had to study for my one class and do some quilting for most of the day.  Guys had a great time bonding and sweating together.

Life is GOOD!

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28: Photo of What I am Quilting

The original quilt pattern was designed as a throw and is in the Mar/Apr '13 Quiltmaker magazine and is called Majestic Garden.  This is the basic layout, but I am not certain that it is how it will stay.  There is a wide border around it, but I am not certain that will happen either.  I love the block and that is what I am really working to create.  The block is 8x8.  At this rate I will need to make quite a few more to make a queen size, but the process is fun.  I feel inspired just to be playing with the fabric.

Life is GOOD!

June 28: Yes! It is time for quilting, etc.

Sent the photo from my iPhone but it is not going to upload.  I will get a different shot at the end of the day.  I am so happy to be touching fabric and making quilts!  Everyone should do something they love!

Only have one online class left this summer.  Have lots of homework weekly but it is interesting and should not interfere with the fun stuff.


Life is GREAT!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23: What a WONDERFUL Weekend!!!

This is a picture of our new vendor tent.  We kept a simple theme of white on the tables so that the wood would be center-stage.  We had a great deal conversation with some visitors, but we did not sell to many items.  We are hoping that the conversations will lead to jobs, but at least we gave out a lot of pamphlets and business cards.

The weather was okay on Saturday, but today it was fabulous.  What a wonderful way to spend summer day.  We chatted with visitors and other vendors and I had a green apple caramel smoothie that was wonderful yesterday.  Today I had green apples with caramel dip.  It was delightful., delectible, and ever so delicious!  No big earnings but still...............

Life is Great!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22: Weather Included Everything But ........

Today we were in Dell Rapids doing the first of a 2 day show.  We had a huge storm last night with high winds, lightning, and rain.  It was very cloudy and had the feel of dampness.  Then the temps started to climb and the humidity also climbed.  The sky started to clear, .....................  No rain - sunshine!

We had a good time, even though we did not have very many sales.  We talked to lots of people and maybe started lining up a few jobs.  The goal for the first day is to at least pay for the booth, and make some contacts.  We did, so success.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow, but I am Pollyanna and believe there will be a reason to be glad whatever happen.

Quilting days are coming closer.  Campus classes end on June 27 and then the rest of the month and July are mine for quilting, reading, carving and painting the house.  Live will be so much more laid back!

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19: 6 minutes to blast off......

Not much time because Dad and I will be heading out for his physical therapy in a few minutes, but I have to tell all of you that it is only

7 days

 and counting until the sewing machine and I will truly do a great deal of bonding!  I only have one class, 4 quilts and the addition to paint on the outside on July's schedule.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9: 10 Hours of cutting and sewing and only one full block, but many parts!!!

Here is the first full block for Ben and Jill's wedding quilt.  Ben wanted a little brown and that is all he is getting.  Purple is top choice and green was second.  There are actually 7 purples and 6 greens in this.  It is going to be fun!  Blocks are 8x8 finished, so there will need to be quite a few.  Guess that means I love this couple!

Life is good!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8: So Relaxing

Last night I started working on Ben and Jill's wedding quilt.  I have been working on it all moring, as well.  Just wanted to share!  Now back to the studio!

Life is GOOD!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6: It Is Up and Running

Just finished uploading our woodworking website.  Take a look and feel free to comment.  I have to have feedback to improve.  For this moment it is an informational website, but maybe some day we will make it order friendly.  Time will tell.  There will be a blog added but not until I finish school.  I still have so much more I want to learn and that takes time.

Now back to studying Business Law.

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5: Lots on My Mind

I am back in school and trying to figure out a schedule.  Funny part is that one of the classes will be over next week and I still have know idea what kind of schedule I have.  My Business Law class is only one month long but meets 8 hours a week with all exams taken online.  My Consumer Behavior class is an 8 week online class that means I have to focus and remember to do the work.  Did you ever have that nightmare dream where you failed a class because you did not even remember you had it, so you did not graduate and there were no do-overs?  I am having it.

We did finish putting everything back in order after our Shop Open House and rummage sale weekend.  It was a fun and profitable weekend, but ohhhhhhhhhhhh the exhaustion!

Dad only has a few appointments this week, and since he got the new hearing aids we have seen some very positive changes for him.  More jokes, more laughter, and more interest in everything.  Guess we all take our hearing for granted until we see just what happens to someone who can once again hear.  We bought him a "Happy Hearing Day" present today.  He has all kinds of CDs that he use to play all the time, then he just quit because it was getting so hard to hear all the words.  Tonight he was downstairs listening to Mel Tillis and singing along with his gorgeous voice.  Made me a bit teary!

Our daughter is having some medical issues that concern me, but I do not know enough to understand what it is or what needs to happen.  Internet research is always scary, so I made a list of questions for her to ask at her appointment with the specialist next week.  She has her own list, as well.  Anyone know anything about Chiari Malformation?  Seems to be what is causing her migraines and constant headaches.  Prayers are requested!

Jon and Aleah have once again cleaned out the basement of their home.  There was a lot of rain, a poorly planned sewer system and sewage involved.  This is the second time!  Can't even imagine!

All of these things run around in my head and wake me in the night, but in general life is great and the weather is to my liking.

Life is GOOD!