Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24: Happy Christmas Eve

Life has been moving by at flank speed, but today I am mainly just kicking back.  After reading through many posts from others, I felt moved to actually do a bit of writing, or maybe what I have decided is to list things that have happened within me, to me, and around me.

Since I last wrote in mid-October, I have....
  • finished yet another semester of school, as a student
  • made 2 small quilts
  • done lots of cutting, sanding, and drilling
  • started a Face book page for the woodworking business
  • cleaned house, but not enough
  • cooked, but not necessarily often
  • written reams of papers
  • learned more about business insurance than I ever wanted
  • prayed for many others and for myself
  • played with my grandchildren
  • done business bookwork, but am always behind
  • dreamed about the life of a quilter
  • worked as a vendor in our business's booth at several craft shows
  • opened a more permanent booth for our Woodworking business at The Warehouse in Brandon (year-round)
  • gained weight I do not want
  • gotten re-acquainted with old friends
  • contemplated getting a puppy
  • read a few novels and lots of textbooks
  • started planning two family reunions at our house for July
  • enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day with many of my family
  • Shredded lots of paper
  • been through several good snow storms
  • laughed at some funny movies
  • enjoyed several delightful evenings with friends
  • finished some small sewing projects for Dad
  • promised myself I would get organized before the end of the year - I am getting closer and so is the end of the year
  • love much
  • counted my blessings daily
  • considered the future, but enjoyed the present
  • read many recipes and made a few
  • considered once again the idea of writing a book
  • made thousands of quilts in my head
  • found so new friends
  • considered myself very fortunate and blessed
  • thought about a new hobby, but have not invested much time in starting one
I do not live in a dream world but love the world I am living in.

Life is GOOD!