Sunday, March 31, 2013


Seems like I have nothing new and different to report most of the time, but today it seems like a special blessing to have a flower on my Christmas cactus.  It had great blooms for Christmas, but I offer challenges to plants in the form of staying alive, so blooming is really amazing to me!

Maybe, I should practice being more observant of my environment.  Love the sky and notice it often, but have you ever watched a huge vacuum suck up sawdust.  Zoe turned me on to the sight.  I get so involved in studying and the business that I forget to pause and view the beauty that is simply there to enjoy.  Cost is not truly relevant because even the moments taken inspire me to think in different ways.  Am I busy, yes, would it be helpful if I could simply focus and get tasks done in quick order, yes.  Would I miss the joy of learning if I turned it into a strictly task-completion situation, yes.  I know  I study many hours, but that is  because I want to understand all there is about the software that will help in our business.  I go online to learn more about several social platforms, and I work in the shop.  But I count these as benefits and am mostly willing to pay the price to understand all of it.  Kelly refers to it as OPPORTUNITY COST.

However, I have managed to slip in a few moments of binding.  When I started this quilt I could not even begin to imagine that I would even like it.  Now I have to say it is one of my avorites.  It is simple, colorful, and the quilt I have chosen to give myself for my own 60th birthday gift.  I started to make this and stared at the colors hoping for inspiration.  Read and article that said if you cut the pieces small enough anything can be beautiful.  I cut 4" squares, then 3" ones.  Finally went with strip piecing 2 1/2" stripes and then recutting.  It is just what I never knew I wanted.  It is so busy that meandering was perfect.  Blue and white are a favorite combination, so the back makes me smile, too.  My birthday is still over a month away, but I am already singing. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27: Updates

Dad is feeling better.  We even went out for dinner.  He ate more than he has in weeks.  That is a very good sign.


The dentist put on my temporary crown today.  My mouth hurts but my tooth feels so much better!


I registered for my fall classes today.  14 credits.  4 online and 10 on Tuesday/Thursday.

I am definitely feeling healthier than I have in a couple of weeks.


My website is coming along nicely and the new blog for the business is being laid out.  Things are moving along.


Life is GOOD!

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25: Out of Touch BUT Learning SO Much

First, a photo of a quilt my daughter is making.  It is going to be part of a auction at my granddaughter's school.  She brought it with her to quilt this past weekend.  I got involved by trimming and attaching the binding.  I also hand-stitched about two feet of the binding.  We both love scrappy, but our translations are always so different.  lol

I have also done some stitching on a few of Dad's items,  He has his bibs going and has also been completing some small stuffed toys for young children.  He has found an outlet where he can sell some of his items to recover his cost, so he can make more  It is a great deal for him!  Thank you, Wendy!


We had some adorable grandkids and their parents visit for a few days last week.  Not certain where all the energy comes from, but it is a joy to observe and also participate in some of the crazy activities.  So many laughs, tickles, and hugs!  We are so blessed!


Besides having what I hope is my only cold of the season, I have been working very hard developing our business website.  Each day I learn a bit more.  I am probably to the point where I know just a little bit more than many, but not enough to consider doing it for a living by any means.  The process is challenging and at one point felt like it was way beyond my comfort level. Now it is more a matter of taking in more and more information and wanting to make our site better from the beginning.  Problem with that is that there are so many other areas that I am working to develop, that I am now thinking that a 48 hour day with only 6 hours of sleep still would not be enough.  (I try hard to keep things in perspective by maintaining a sense of humor and gratitude:  My brain is so active that I am hoping it will ward off some of the effects of aging, but I need to get my other parts movingmore  so that I will live long enough to truly enjoy the fruits of my labors - and I am not talking about my teeth!)

There are less than 6 weeks of class left for this semester, then I have a 4 day break before I start summer classes.  I am only taking 3 classes during the summer, and they are spaced out in a way that I will not have more than one course most of the time.  I am going to try and give myself time to quilt, play and work in the shop all summer, but I also need these courses, so.............................

Was chewing something this morning and danged if I did not break off a part of a tooth - one that the dentists in my life have been wanting to crown for 10 years, but still........................ Guess what I am doing on Wednesday?

May God keep you in the palm of his hand and protect you from harm.  May he give you moments of peace and contentment.   May he also challenge you to live the best life you can.  May you honor him by being grateful and accepting that enough is as good as a feast!

Life is GOOD!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 19: Celebrating....................

See this photo?......................................................

                          ..................................................................This means I have delivered all the papers to the accountants and it is their turn to make everything ready for the IRS.  Moving, owning a house in another state, starting a business, and all of that makes one very involved in paper and paper CUTS!    Now I am going to clean house, and go to bed early.  Seems like quite a celebration to me!


Here a few more of Dad's latest embroidery projects.  These little animals will be stuffed and have a band attached.  It has crinkle wrap inside and will definitely delight some small child without annoying those around.  They are so soft and sweet.  It gives him something to do and will be enjoyed by a small child.  Works well for me!

Life is GOOD!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14: Happy Pi Day to All Number Lovers

That is right, it is 3.14!  It is a great day for number lovers!

Even so, I am not focused on math - building a web site is my aim for the weekend.  My classes were over at 4:00 for the week, and all my other homework is finished, so it is an all weekend affair!  Hopefully, I will be able to give all of you a website address in the next few weeks.  Learning something new is always a challenge that I enjoy, even when I fuss about it.

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13: Otherwise Known as 3-13-13

I love palindromes!

Yet another finish!  On Monday, I finished the binding on the latest Byrnes Cousin Quilt.  Brianna pieced the squares on this one.  I quilted and bound it.  Hand binding is something I find very relaxing!

taken with my iPhone - Kind of grainy, huh?

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12: My, Oh My

Today, I arrived in my web design class hoping to be ready to learn what I needed to build my first real page.  Did not work that way, but I am ready to take on about 4 hours of trying tonight.  We are using DreamWeaver and that might be easy enough, but first we had to learn some basic code.  I am so confused.  I will let you know when I finally get every figured out.  Today is going to be a long journey into the beginning of the actual site. 

Fortunately, I have no other homework on the list for the next two days, so..........................

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was wishing to be back in school so things could slow down a bit?  haha!

Life is GOOD!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10: 24 Hours Before My Next Class

Really did have several plans that never happened, but I have had a good break.  If I had not had a break I would probably need to have a sanity break very soon.  Not complaining just "basing" the facts.

 We had a little rain, snow and ice yesterday, but then we do live in South Dakota.  WAIT A MINUTE----------I think those living further south have had a great deal more than us.  One farmer in church today, commented that the rain that we had all day yesterday is on its way to the ocean because our ground is still too frozen to hold it.  SAD!

Okay, I have whined and discussed the weather, so I am ready for the day.  I have a list:
  • clean and dust the bedroom - dust and I are tired of each other
  • clear up all the tax piles
    • put all papers that need to be copied at the store in one neat pile
    • put away the two boxes I searched for all the other papers
    • one final look at the inventory and assets spreadsheets
    • bundle everything for the accountant's visit next Friday
  • dust and clean the office ready for studying
  • balance all the checkbooks
  • check my current grades in all classes
  • read first chapter on Access  (not my favorite Office application but Kelly promises I will find it much more useful and easy to operate after this next month of work
  • pack my school bag ready to rock-n-roll in the morning
  • pack our lunches for tomorrow
  • grocery shopping for the week
  • finish a binding for a "Byrnes Cousin Quilt"
  • go to bed before 10:00 <  Sleep is important!!!!

Life is GOOD!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9: Break is Ending =o(

I have been very busy with taxes and everything else that it involves.  Hopefully, by the time taxes roll around next year, I am hoping that I will be able to pull all the papers together in just one afternoon, but this year there is so much more than just the business.  (moving, home buying, the Tennessee rental, moving Dad in, etc)

However, I have still taken time to do some assisting in the shop.  Today was all about building a cutting table with an enclosed area with shelves.and large doors.  I was also working on some other paperwork in the shop, so it was a very busy day.

After dinner I did a little to help dad with a new project.  We are making embroidered bibs.  I cut the holes and put on the ribbing collars.  Then he is picking different embroidery designs, and spending several hours on each one.  He is loving it and is receiving more instant gratification  because when he is done embroidering he has the finish product.  For me, it makes me feel better, too, because he is so involved and not waiting for me to have time to make a whole quilt from his blocks.

Yesterday, we went out and about for a few hours.  Dad decided it was finally time to retire his old recliner and was pretty much determined to do it yesterday.  By the time we came home, he had his new chair.  Apparently, in the middle of the night he tested it fully because he could not sleep.  Love the fact that he finds it comfortable for his back, as well.

Break is almost over, but I am ready to go back to class so I can rest up.  lol

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 5: Being Spontaneous

Jon called at 2:30 and asked us to join him for dinner somewhere in Minnesota.  Without much thoght the answer was YES!  We did not get to the restuarant until 7:00 and headed back home about 8:35, but in between there was a great deal of mom and grandma time for me.  Somehow should have gotten photos, but the camera was in the car and we were in the moment. 

There was a bit of an weather issue both going and coming back.  My mom would have stated flat out that smart people do not travel in the winter. We had che cked the weather and felt as confident of the report as one can living in the land of infinite variety and wind.  Over half way to our destination the wind started blowing snow across the highway and there were some slick spots so we slowed down.  On the way back the same situation lasted for 60 minutes of the drive.    Kids did not seem to think they had any issues with the roads - thankfully.  Maybe thinking people that we generaly are, we should have thought a bit more but we have been craving a bit of family time.  That is our reasoning now that we are safely back home.

So wonderful to have had that little piece of time with some delightful grandchildren and their parents.  Would we do it again?  Yes because we are parents and grandparents, but maybe more likely in the Spring-Fall time frame.  Not afraid of storms, just respectful of what wind and ice can do. 

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5: Good Morning!

The wind is blowing and howling, but the sun is shining!  I have a warm place to be and Dad is feeling so much better.  How do I know?  See what he has in progress?

Chocolate experiment
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Doughnuts

Life is GOOD!

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1: Lion or Lamb?

Today I am thinking LAMB, but we are negative 19 inches of snow at this point for the winter and we have been in a drought, so we could using the roaring!!!!!

Spring break officially began at 3:50 pm yesterday.  When I walked in from class, my book bag went upstairs and I went directly to my studio. I had a commission to replace a photo in a quilt and this was the week to do it.  I was a bit nervous when I started, picking, but in less than 3 hours of actual work time, I had it completed.  Would show you but it is a very personal quilt.  I am still amazed how well the replacement fit in.  Love it when a plan comes together.

Plan to do some type of quilting every day for the next 10 days, but it might only be an hour of something.  If I did that much in one day, I could probably complete several projects, but when I stop and start I tend to do more dreaming.  Today I am going to do some hand sewing in the car, so I might get more than an hour.  However, three hours of a car ride also includes the usual dozing and all that other stuff.  If we arrive home early enough, I will do the machine seam on the next row so I will have hand work for tomorrow night.  Then I will be binding Dad's experimental quilt blocks together.  (Not a work of art, but a good resource for large open areas with his embroidered blocks.)

I am planning to make this a week with no more that 3 hours of computer time a day.  It will be odd considering that many days during the semester I would have to admit to spending from 7:15  to 4:00 on the computer, except when walking between classes and at break time. Friday I spend about 4 hours doing business and personal work on the computer in the office.   Then at least 2 nights during the week I go from 7-10, and then there is that homework that spills into one of the weekend days, as well.  - Not much of the time is spent blogging or on Facebook, but those things are relaxing, so I could easily get sucked into them if I did not monitor my time.

Time to get cracking because even on break there is work and activities afoot.
  1. see accountant
  2. Deliver payment for a dress
  3. Delivery items to quilt shop
  4. Present Terry with the quilt and the new smiley photo
  5. Go to the bank
  6. Sand if there is time
  7. Jump in the car and stitch while we travel to see grandbabies and kids
  8. In bed by 10:00.
Life is GOOD!