Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30: Better?

Today seems to mark the beginning of feeling like this toe will eventually be ready for walking tapes and other exercises.  The medicine still seems to be a bit more in control of my energy that I want it to be, but it does help me stay off my foot and probably is good for the healing process.  Also managed to sleep through the night!

Also have my schedule mapped out for the last few weeks of school.  Besides going to Iowa between regular classes and finals to watch Dean perform in his first preschool pageant and celebrate Christmas early, I have 3 regular tests set up for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I start my finals on Friday.  The comprehensive accounting exam is scheduled for 2 full class periods, but fortunately the two parts will be done on Friday and then on Monday.  My marketing final is a take home with an essay that will be done over 2 days, and my business comprehensive  exam is on Tuesday.  Principles of selling a finally presentation - and mine is done for better or worse.  As long as I do not blow my final exam in computers, I will not have to take that comprehensive final -- I have been studying!!!!

You might wonder what I will do to keep from being bored after that, but there are Christmas letters to write, cookies to bake, QUILTING to enjoy,business paperwork to finish for the year,several non-textbook type books to read on the Nook, and  a number of projects going on in the woodshop, so IF I am bored it is not anyone's fault but mine.  Oh course, there is a plan to sleep in until 7:00, but with so much I want to do, it probably will NOT happen more than a day or two.With a month of vacation, Christmas, our 37th anniversary, New Years, and a christening of our new living spaces, I am thinking there will definitely be lots of partying going on as well.

Question: How many of you still send Christmas cards and letters?  We are probably dinosaurs, but people still seem to find dinosaurs fascinating, right?  Can't believe that our newsletters are that fascinating, but we have been asked about when this  years will be mailed.  Is it all about keeping traditions going?

For today I am just going to study and then watch a movie with the guys, but the weekend should be busy as ever.

Life is GOOD!

November 30: Garage Make Oveer

During all this stuff with my foot the past month, I have not lived up to my own expectation of photographing all the action during the change from car home to real living space.  Of course the week of Thanksgiving saw little change as we waited for the furnace that goes into the rafters to be install and for everyone to recover from the excesses of pumpkin pie.  =0)

Last night Kevin and his buddy Dan knocked out a great deal of the remaining dry wall.  They will finish up the bits and piecing before the weekend is over.  Then the drywall and texturing has been hired out and will be done before next weekend.  Looks like the grandkids and kids will have separate rooms for Christmas vacation.

The drywall lift has been very helpful!
Finally getting that 16 foot piece of drywall on the
wall rather than on the floor blocking every thing
really helped speed progress.

Once must know where things are in the wall,

Love the fact that the den is really beginning to feel like a room!!!!!
 Life is GOOD!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29: WELL...

NOT!  The medicine is not causing an allegic reaction, but there are parts of it that are rather irritating.  I have already learned that by 12:00 pm I am ready for a NAP and those that know me understand that this a pain in the ____________, and I don't like it one bit!  I also tend to get the shakes and loose my sharp wit about that time.  Today that was definitely not a good thing.

I did my final presentation in Principles of Selling.  I had told my instructor that it might not happen even though I was in class.  He laughed and I said lets see if the issues with the medicine stayed at bay.  WELL.............

I did the part of the presentation where I was just required to read responses for someone else's sales presentation.  I started to have the trembles and could feel the heat of the oncoming reactions, but I soldiered on.  Then just as she finished, I was compelled to tell my instructor that I just could not do my part at the moment.  He was understanding, but I felt like a fool.  I sat through the other group's presentation and then decided to just read my script and settle for a lower grade.  I don't know exactly how I did, but I think it was okay.  I really did not read everything and remembered a great deal of what was on my script.  I am now done with the class except to sit in on the other presentations.  My grade will be whatever it will be.

I had a group meeting for another class afterwards, so I got some lunch, and chilled for 30 minutes.  The meeting was fine.  I drove home, and immediately took an hour nap. 

Who would have  ever imagined that having a toe nail removed could lead to so many issues.  I know it is healing, but it has been over a month now and it is still bleeding and oozing on a daily basis.

Despite all that, I can see the end of the tunnel with papers and exams, at least for this semester, so...

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27: Darn the BAD LUCK

I am simply moving through the day doing what has to be done and wishing that I had never had my toe worked on.  I have moved from a staph infection to some other more irritating and frustrating bacterial infection.  Now I am taking a much stronger antibiotic and feeling the effects of my foot pain and of the medication.

How is it that I am one of those people that always seem to need to add a little extra flair to any injury ??????????????

There are about 3 weeks left of classes including finals and a workshop I am taking.  I have a paper and two more parts of a project due tomorrow.  I have to do a final project presentation on Thursday.  Finish a group presentation for next Monday, take two more accounting tests, a business test, a marketing test, an Access test, and write two additional papers.  What was I thinking when I signed on for all of this?

Probably my toe talking---I actually love learning new things, but my energy has been sucked out of me!!!!  I have friends that are going through so much more and realize that, but I am in the moment and it is PAINFUL!  Just wanted you to know.  Despite all of this...........

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21: Happy Pre-Thanksgiving

It has been more like Spring than anything else the past few days.  Today the temp was 76.  Okay, but I am thinking of over the river tunes and there is NO way to pull a sleigh!!!  I am cooking the turkey and trimmings tomorrow.  Today Dad made an apple crumb pie and I made two pumpkin pies.  Still don't know the oven very well so I have a little bit of burnt crust edge, but never eat that part anyway.

School was extremely long today.  I was really drawing a block on how to do the part of my accounting.  Gave me a BIG STRESS HEADACHE!!  Still need to get this figured out.  Big problem will be getting it all learned by Monday, but I will just have to find the time, right?

We placed several of our quilt stands in a quilt shop here in town.  Today we received a number of orders.  This is exciting for us!  Kevin would still like to be making big pieces of custom furniture, but this is a start.

MY friend Deb commented on wishing I was doing and sharing more quilting. I told her I wished I was too, and have planned a bit for the weekend. Thought I would show you the scrappy quilt version of our back siding. We have had a few laughs about it.

 Last night the sky was fabulous.  It is one of the things I really enjoy more since we moved to the country.
Enjoy the day and count your blessings!  Eat enough, and thank the cooks!
 Life is GOOD!

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19: Just Make Over Photos

More Screws

Loving all the drywall dust

Left Bedroom

Right bedroom

Storage room

Hall Closet - Looking toward den

Kitchen doorway seems a long way off - not so true

Standing at the end of the hall looking into the den

/Back windows - small to keep sun out of eyes at night

Picture taken at sunrise today
Sunrise - no lights on in the house
Ray is working on the siding over the next two days.

Life is GOOD!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18: Couple of Fun Thoughts

YUM!!! Today was the day to make LEFSE. I did the mixing, Kevin did the rolling, and Dad did the baking. We are now set for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

We finished and delivered a special order grand piano door harp.  Pretty cool, if you are a piano teacher, huh?
Life is GOOD!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17: The Craziness of It All!!!!!!

When we decided to move back to South Dakota after the 30 years of making Navy moves, I was thinking life would slow down and at least the evenings would be spent doing hand sewing, reading, rocking in our porch rockers and just hanging with the hubby.  We have been here for 6 months and I cannot say that this has been the case.  However, I am enjoying all of it and just wishing for 10 to 100 hours more in each day so that I can continue to do all these things that I am loving.

May - moved into the house - tentatively moved things into the studio for quilting - started the process of getting Dad moved out of his place in Rapid City, SD --- went to work setting up our woodworking business space -- did business paperwork

June - most of this was spent getting Kevin's dad moved out of his house in Rapid City, SD and moved into our house in Sioux Falls --- lots of work setting up our wood shop and my studio -  lost ad important part of my longarm frame along the way

July - continued to get settled - tried to find lost part of frame - made a number of quilt tops hoping to be able to quilt them in the near future - tried to figure out how to fit everything into this smaller home

August - organized, organized, and organized some more -- bought a new frame - quilted and bound some quilts - carved a bit - sanded some - did business paperwork

September - started full time classes at Southeast Tech in entrepreneurship and marketing design - sanded, routed, painted and cleaned up the wood space - studied and studied and studied and studied some more - lived through the bathroom repairs and new shower install

October - sanded and sanded and routed and routed, and painted, and cleaned the wood shop  ----- STUDIED!!! - did first craft fair and got ready for second one ---STUDIED --- wrote papers ---- attended the Navy Ball in Sioux Falls -- STUDIED - quilted two cousin quilts and worked on the bindings - started the garage transformation

November - did two more craft/quilt shows - STUDIED AND STUDIED AND STUDIED - sanded and sanded and shaped and shaped - finished the cousin bindings - cleaned the wood shop - wrote lots of papers - STUDIED AND STUDIED AND STUDIED SOME MORE - still living through the garage transformation - Had by left big toenail removed and got a staph infection - recovered from the staph infection - still hobbling around on my sore foot

Along with that I saw the grandkids and kids a couple of times, participated in two rummage sales, dusted and dusted, gained 10 pounds since we arrived and I stopped being careful about the number of calories =0{, spent some good times with Dan and Nancy, shared the sadness of the death of Dan's mom, prayed a lot for other sick friends and those that love them, bought fabric and even a pattern in the hopes of quilting and sewing for fun -- made a few new recipes - spent time with each and every one of my sisters and my brother - relearned where everything is located in SF, rearranged a number of rooms several times, and just plain loved this new life.

I am grateful for having the chance to experience this new lifestyle where we plan to live and breathe for the rest of our lives.

Does this sound like a Christmas letter in the offing????


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Novenber 15: Once Again...Busy

Sunday was a low profile day.  Helped get Dad ready for his trip and wrote papers.  Kevin and Dad finished the insulation and tacked up the plastic sheeting.  Ready for the drywall.

Monday was Veteran's Day.  Kevin was the guest speaker at St. Mary's School in Dell Rapids, SD.  Once again we honored vets for their service and sacrifices.

The highlight for Dad was heading out for his trip to Branson, Missouri.  I took him to the bus at 8:30.  He joined up with his brother and sister-in-law in Lennox.  He was starting to act excited, so I am guessing he is having a great time.

For me, it was a doctor appointment for my healing foot and more studying.

Early in the afternoon, the sheetrock arrived.  Although we have remodeled before, I just learned that sheetrock actually comes in many lengths and 4 foot widths.  After supper, Kevin and Dan started the process of hanging all the sheetrock.  I STUDIED!

 Tuesday, I had class and Kevin had his part-time job.  Stopped at the post office to mail two packages - one was filled with two of the Cousin Quilts that I just finished binding.  When I came home, I swept up all the debris and studied.  Dan showed up after dinner and the sheetrocking continued.  I STUDIED!

Yesterday, I took two tests and managed to walk well enough to do the big grocery shopping, swept up all the debris, made a few calls about the remodel, and baked bars for Kevin and Dad.  After dinner they did more sheetrocking.  I went to bed at 7:30 because of a tremendous headache.

Today it is more school and part-time work.  That will be followed by sweeping up debris and studying on my part.  Kevin and Dan will be back to hanging more of the sheetrock. 

Seems a bit repetitive, but before Christmas the spaces will be completely finished.

Got to head for school.  More photos by the end of the week.

Life is GOOD!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10: Exhausted , But Healing

This  was our last show of the year.  It was not on our original agenda, but it was at our church, so we decided to get a booth and consider the fee a donation if nothing more.  We tried something a little different.  We bundled some of Dad's embroidered block sets and got him a sales tax id.  Then in our small booth, we set up with the smaller woodworking items, Dad's embroidery and a few of my quilts.  Not really a huge amount was made, but we did sell, took a few orders, and met more of our church family.  If nothing else, our name is getting out there. Loved that we has some very good laughs!

My foot is very tired and probably more painful than expected, but it is no longer swollen which means I wore regular shoes.  The next two days involve nothing more than church, a doctor visit, a drop off of Dad for his trip to Branson, and writing several papers.  Kevin will be home, too, but he plans to do the insulation of the the new space, consider hanging some of the drywall on Monday evening after it is delivered, work on some orders, and enjoy time that is not pressed!

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7: Went to School - Exhausted,now!

Well, technically I missed only two days of class because of my staph infection, but I had already missed Thursday of last week for our Iowa show and taken my accounting test early.  That means that I missed two days of some classes, a test in marketing, a review in computers, and accounting (my newest foreign language class).  That translates into --- I will be studying and writing all week to get back up to running order, but I did not feel completely out of it for that reason.  Today, I was out of it mostly because my foot still hurts and I have not slept well.  By 2:00 all I could think of was a nap. A short one was all I could manage because I have this LONG list of "gotta get it done" going on in my head.

The foot is still swollen and oozy, but not like yesterday.  When I finish soaking my foot, I will begin studying for my test.  Tomorrow is Thursday, so 3 classes.  The first is computers and the test over everything Excel .  The material is very useful, but challenging by itself; however, in real life I could always use my book to find out how to do something if I forgot.  The major issue tomorrow is that the testing program is hyper-sensitive to touch, so have to be very care not to touch the scroll pad prematurely.  I am taking my wireless mouse to help with this issue, especially since I am so tired these days.

Most classes still have 3 tests and a few papers left to write, but there are a few breaks built in where I can be working on the papers and organizing my notes. - Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and a couple of classes that will be cancelled for other reasons.  I will survive and continue to love learning new things as always, just need to get through a couple more days with this foot and then I will be up and running, again.  As Pollyanna knows there are always reasons to be glad and thankful, right?  (Where is that girl????)

Saturday we will do what I think is our last show of the year, and then on Sunday we will start drywalling our new living area and filling the orders that we accumulated in our last sales.  Also think I have a few more quilts that are SCREAMING for attention, so it will be a busy time, as usual.  We just have to do some creative scheduling to make it all come together on time, right?  Fortunately, for us, everything we are doing represents things that we enjoy or are even passionate about.  (There she is--Welcome back, Polly!!!!)

Life really is GOOD!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6: Not Feeling Great, but Voting, Anyway

The three of us will be going to vote in a little while.  The polling place is just down the road.  Sure hope everyone takes the time to do the same.

My foot is still feeling very miserable, but now I have another issue.  I am now allergic to one more pain medication.  The hives and itching was way too much last night.  Maybe I will just suck up the pain and get what relief I can from the Tylenol.  Feeling like this is not helping with my studying, but I am going to have force myself because I have to make up one test, have a computer test Thursday, two papers are due in the next two days, and who knows when the next accounting test will be.  Life is crazy!

Life is GOOD!  This is just a set back.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Novemeber 5: One Last Thought - WHINING, YES!

DISCLAIMERtopic may gross you out!

Last Monday, I had the toe nail removed on my left big toe.  It is the same toe that I broke in 2 places when I went to get a pedicure two years ago.  I have had 2 other tries at having my toenail removed, but those tires did not work.  This time I sucked it up, let the doctor stick me with the needles, and let him do what needed to be done to tug the whole nail out.

Up until Thursday, I was cheering the whole procedure as a success.  Then the toe started to ache but I was thinking it was because of the 5 1/2 hour drive to Iowa.  By Friday morning it was throbbing continuously, and as we worked our first day of the quilt show it just continued getting more uncomfortable.  By the end of the evening my toe was super swollen and very shiny.  The nail bed was bloody and painful.  I slept in a recliner for the night, at least when I was able to sleep.

Saturday morning found me getting a little crazy because of the pain.  There was absolutely NO WAY to get comfortable.  I tried hard to suck it up, but finally found myself begging for Kevin to take me to urgent care.  (Did not even care whether we worked the 2nd day of the sale.)  Luckily we were able to get an appointment 2 hours before the show was to open.  When we saw the doctor, she suspected I had a staph infection, so she ran the tests and gave me an antibiotic and a pain killer.  I definitely needed both.

Kevin and Dad did a great job of keeping me in the chair and off my feet, but I did some stretching.  The medicines did not seem to be helping but I tried to just cope because it really was important to us to do well on this sale.  As we traveled home, 5 1/2 hours, I knew it would be tough, but I just wanted to be home.

I again slept in a chair when I was able to sleep.  Church did not happen because the aching was just too much.  Sunday I slept, and slept and slept some more.  I did soak my foot several times, but nothing seemed to improve the situation. SO........, I decided that school was out for Monday and I planned a call to my doctor the moment I woke up or at least as soon as the office opened.

Today, I tried to study as I waited for the doctor appointment, but that was just not happening.  When I did go to the doctor, he confirmed that I had a staph infection and that the antibiotic I had been taking was a good choice, but the doctor boosted it by giving me a shot in my left buttocks.  TALK about Pain - still noticing it tonight!  Finally, tonight my big toe is less swollen.  I can see the tiniest bit of light between the big toe and the next.  The huge foot and ankle are just a bit smaller and the pain is just a bit less.  No school again because my shoes do not come close to fitting this blimpy foot.

With all this being said, I believe that I am healing.  I will let you know soon if it really is working out.

Pain or not, LIFE IS GOOD!

November 5: Second Show

Our focus this show was quilt items, but we also had some of our other items.
For a second show, we feel that we did well.  We have another show scheduled
for next Saturday.  The focus for that show will be more ecclectic - quilts, furniture,
trinkets, comfort crosses, embroidered napkins and hand towels, wine corks,
wine bottle holders, and sets of embroidered squares
Life is GOOD!

November 5: Remodeling Update

Life is GOOD!

Can you see the little window?  There are 2 windows
on the west side of the room.

The wiring id in place.

Can you see the wiring?  Also, can you see the sun shining through the small windows.

An actual light switch!!!!

The corner fireplace has been installed. Kevin is
going to do all the woodwork, so this will be a
beautiful fireplace.  Nice to have a fine woodworker
in the family.

Can you see any of the heat ducts?  That means
we can start sheet rocking in the next few days.

November 5: Dean's 5th Birthday Gift

Here are two shots if the chest we made for Dean's legos.  He told Grandpa he wanted it to be about 3 feet tall, with 4 drawers for his legos and a top to display his special pieces.  He also asked for it to be red, blue, and black.  I got to decide where to put each color.

Giving it was fun, especially as Dean's little sister, Anna, shimmied up the drawers and stood on the top.  It was kid of like a repeat of another delivery when Anna was born and Bryson did the same. Don't they look very innocent?

 Life is GOOD!