Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31: When will summer arrive?

Stopped trying to figure out when Spring was coming and have moved on to thinking about summer.  It is not my favorite season but it does mean fresh fruit and grilling, so there are some benefits to the season.

On this last day of May, I have been very busy with running a rummage sale and helping with our shop open house.  My sister Jodie was kind enough to assist by pretty much being in charge of so much of it.  We never know how to do things nice and slow, but then where is the fun in being laid back and slow-moving?  The best parts of  the sale were having time to spend with my sister, talking to a few people I knew, and meeting all the interesting characters that came through our garage.  Tomorrow we will be doing a bit more, but we did already sell quite a bit of it.

Our shop open house was run by Kevin.  He talked to many people and shared what we do in the our shop.  We heard lots of compliments about our furniture and other wood items.  Many people took our cards and several asked some questions that could lead to new commissions.  Tomorrow is another day.

I even took several hours off to go down and help with the community lunch sale.  It was fun feeling a little like I was becoming part of the community.  Everyone ws so friendly.

Our business is picking up and we love what we are doing so all is good.

Next week I start two other classes and work as hard as I can to finish up another.  I love learning, but there is a drawback.  With all the homework, business book work, and shop work, I am not finding any time to quilt.  No complaints just  the facts of life.  Riley, Nick, Ben and Jill will probably still get their quilts before the summer ends, but July will be fairly uncomplicated (only one online class during the month!)

Life is GOOD!

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24: Mowing and Rain Don't Mix, but the Dandelions Love It!

Not a complain, just and observation.  We have had a lot of much needed rain.  I do not know if this is the right time for the farmers and their crops, but the dandelions are certainly turning the yards golden.  Kevin has even spoken of baling some of the grass down in the trees because the last rain storms chased him to the garage.  Today was supposed to be a non-rain day in the middle of a lot of rain.  Yesterday was beautiful, but we were at the hospital.  This morning was great, but he was at the hospital.  This afternoon he is out racing the clouds and hoping to at least take it down since bagging it would take far too long with the thunder we are hearing.  Memorial Day weekend is predicted to be very wet around here.

Yesterday, Dad had the generator replaced for his pacemaker.  After the surgery, he had to have the standard 12 hour antibiotic drip, so he could not come home until this morning.  Of course that really meant he could not come home until he saw his doctor, so he arrived home just after 12:00.  He is tired from being awakened and poked and prodded in the night, but the surgeon says he did well.  Could be a long few days as he mends.  I have work to do in the house, so I am here and ready if he needs me, but for him it will be the added discomfort.  Poor guy!

If a crazy moment several weeks ago we decided to have both a shop open house and a rummage sale during the Crooks Community Days next weekend. We are getting organized, but I am definitely not the queen of rummage sales.  Several neighbors, friends and sisters are contributing to it, so I will have some help there.  I vow that this will be the last on my watch!  The shop open house may be an even each year, but that will remain to be seen.  Guess we just don't know when to say, NO.

EVEN SO, Life is Good!

May 23: Jamie turned ?????????????????????

Does not really matter how OLD you are, you are still my baby girl!  Love you!

I am 60 and had you when I was 27, so do the math!  Gotcha!

Life is good!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19: Graduations, Fun, Food, and More Food

We have attended several graduation parties this weekend.  Each was meant to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates and possibly the patience and solid support of parents, but the food feasts were something to behold.  All the parents outdid themselves. For those of you that chose to have no party, I salute you as well for being who you are!

Now it is time to test the wings and fly!  Each of you has so much going for you.  Be the best at whatever you choose to do.  If you feel proud of yourself, no one can take that away!  If you need a cheerleader, call me!  Love you!

Life is GREAT!

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17: Positive News

Dad had another hearing appointment today.  It did not go as planned, but it did go well.  He is going to have to pay out for new hearing aids instead getting the BAHA, but he is excited!  He actually offered to write the check today, but they could not connect up with the hearing aid.  We will be waiting until the 28th for his fitting but the look out world.  He is all smiles and anticipating great things.

Life is GRAND!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15: Planning, Studying, Sanding, Sorting, and ???????????

Summer has arrived, or maybe not, still the windows are open and the birds are calling to me.  Sat on the back patio and worked on percentages for homework, played with the neighbor's dog Molly who believes she is really everyone on the corner's dog, and simply enjoyed being outside.

The shop has been reorganized and is closer to being ready of the Open House on May 31-June 1.  A dump run cleaned out many of the spaces, and now it is time to get things pulled together for the neighborhood sharing of a garage sale that is part of Crooks Community Days.  It will be running the same time as our Shop Open House, so others are going to be responsible for the rummage on the actual days of the sale. 

Friday and Saturday will bring several graduation parties and some travel if Dad is up to it.  On Friday afternoon we are going to be investigating the possibility of a different type of hearing assistance for Dad.   do not know the official spelling or even the right initials, but it is something like BAHA- Bone Attached Hearing Aid.  Sounds like it is the only option left.  Please pray long and hard for it!

Right now I am headed to the studio to do some organizing - we rearranged Dad's things this weekend, but the studio is in chaos.  Then I will begin cutting Ben and Jill's wedding quilt from these fabrics.

Tomorrow I will be getting a much needed haircut, having my annual blood draw, and sanding-lifting and polishing in the shop. 

Life is GREAT!

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13: Where Does the Time Go?

The best laid plans........................Somehow, it looks like we might miss Spring and go directly into Summer.  May started with snow, then rain and more rain.  Today it will be 82 and tomorrow should be 92.  That sort of speaks to my time off since Spring semester finished.  I had a week of moving equipment, building in free-standing room divider walls, dust removal (a hideously sneaking part of woodworking), and then came the fun of rebuilding and reorganizing the wood racks.  I should be very buff, but I think I just tightened a bit of the flab.

I have also spent quite a few hours with Dad at the doctors or at physical therapy.  When he moved in 10 months ago he talked a bit about not being as quick on his feet, but he was always in the thick of things.  He commented, last week, "What a difference 10 months makes!"  He does not drive anymore, moves slowly, has numerous health issues, aches every where.  He is trying for a new hearing system, needs his pacemaker battery replaced, has a neurology appointment for his legs and feet, and just plain feels worn out.  If you are a praying person, he could use one of comfort and de-stressing.

Quilt studio is in upheaval.  We moved all his embroidery supplies and machine up to his bedroom level of the house so he only has to deal with 7 steps.  That really opened up the studio, but I have not had time to deal with it.  I already have 3 quilts on the list for summer, plus at least one more that needs to be quilted and bound.  There are also all those started projects and Dad's bibs.  I love a challenge, so I will get in there before the end of the week.

School started again on Tuesday.  I had 6 assignments to do before tomorrow night, including my first exam.  That is caught up.  This is another exciting but very intense class on entrepreneurship.  Class runs from 5:30 - 9:30 on Tuesday night.  I am carving out 12 more hours for homework and reading for the class.  The rest will be organized between doctors, quilting, and the shop.  Lots of projects in my head!

Had a great birthday and a very quiet Mother's Day.  Being 60 is great, so far.

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So far I have made Sue and Jim 60th birthday quilts.  Since I am the quilting sibling, I decided to dedicate this one to me.  It was an experiment in working on something until I loved it.  That is how I approach life.  Seems a fitting gift for me, right! 

Debbie, start thinking about what I might have in line for you! 

Life is GREAT!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1: Snow, Screws, Drills, Cleaning, Reorganizing,...All Fun

School is official finished for the semester, but so are I have not seen my final grades.  Not to worry, I did it the best I could and that is good enough for me.  My web page will go on the Internet in a couple of days, but I finished it and posted it for a grade...A.  All of that is good.

Today was a great day.  May 1st and there is snow on the ground.  Unbelievable!  We spent the day reworking the shop.  After almost a year, we have finally decided what will make the shop be more efficient.  We have moved things around, planning out new electrical wiring,  I put more screws in the partial walls than I ever imagined doing in my life time, but I am impressed with myself.
Lathe area with new
 divider wall
This is the back wall
of the lathe area.
It will be used to store
sawhorses up and out
for sweep up time.

The downdraft table
sits to the right of the saw
horse wall.
This is a place that I will be putting to use quite often.  Kevin is taller, so
we had to compromise on height, but we both decided this will be a good height.
Tomorrow, while Kevin works on some shaping for a quilt stand order and a spice cabinet, I will continue with this reorganizing project.  I am going to be putting the staining/painting, and finishing room together.  It is going to be kept cleaner and more dust-free by setting it off from the more dust creating areas.  There will be no power tools used in this area, and there will be a daily vacuuming of the space to try and maintain the best environment without having a sealed up finish room.  (Some day the budget may cover the cost for the ventilation, for now, we plan things so that we will be leaving the shop for a number of hours to help keep the air calm and as close to dust-free as we can.)

Only sat briefly today - what a change from being at the computer. I have a couple of naggy muscles but it feels wonderful to know I could keep up the pace all day.

Life is GOOD!