Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31: Happy New Year's Eve!

The plan was to sew all morning, but I had to do some errands first thing, so I went from 10:30 to 2:30 with time off for lunch.  Had to remake one set of the color combo because I needed two more large triangles and did not have any more of it in my stash.  Worked out well though because I like having two fairly black sets. I am pretty certain that this is the final layout, but I will decide definitely in the morning One of the blacks and the darker plain turquoise will be borders.  The back is a t-shirt quilt.  Plan is to put it together tomorrow and make sure the borders work on both sides.  Then I will quilt it on Wednesday or Thursday depending on our schedule.  Need to have it bound by Jan. 5th.  It is LONG overdue.

What are your plans for tonight?  Going out celebrating?  We are just going to stay home, eat, and quietly welcome in the New Year.  It has been said in the past that you should start the new year as you intend to have it go and with those you love.  Kevin will be with me, so that is what counts most.  As far as the doing goes, that means that I would personally vote for 10:00 bedtime, but the guys think we have to stay up and welcome it in.  That means my second choice is to be doing some type of quilting, so I will bind while we watch a good movie and then watch the ball drop.
My car is celebrating the New Year by actually being able to be parked in the garage for the first time since all the renovations began.  Can you hear it singing and shouting for joy?  Its next wish is for a warm enough day to go to the car wash and get spiffed up.  Love winter, but it is hard on the car, right?
Life is GOOD!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30: PDA (Plan of the Day)

  • Went to church.
  • Ate a couple of mini-doughnuts made in Dad's new doughnut gadget (He is a gadget man)
  • Unpacked several more boxes searching for the 2nd Wii.
  • Clean the storage space next to the studio
  • Office paperwork on the agenda for the remainder of the "working day"
  • Meatloaf, potatoes and green beans for supper ---YUM!
  • Work on binding

This was not the original plan, but we decided that these were necessary changes.  On the very last day of the year and the very first day of 2013, I have claimed each morning for piecing and each evening for binding.  Whatever fits in around these things will be just fine.  Figure that we will play some dominoes or cards on New Years Eve  -  Traditions, they don't ever go away!

What are you doing to end and begin the two years?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29: Hoar Frost!

When I was a kid, "hoar frost" truly fascinated me.  I felt like the world had just become a kingdom of ice.  So magical!  I know it is probably not good for the trees and bushes, but I still feel the fantasy.  =0) 

Life is GOOD!


December 29: Random Thoughts, As Always

This is the quilt I am binding
Yesterday was quilting day, but alas, today is paperwork day.  The best part of this day will be doing binding in the evening, but there are tasks that can't be put off.  Household budgeting and business - probably need more than one day for the business end.  However, tomorrow is scheduled as church and reorganizing the spaces so we can truly take advantage of the storage we have created.

Life is GOOD!

Found a fun way to enjoy the "boobie prize" from our
bunco night.

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28: A Day of Quilting

This quilt is for my niece, Isabella. One side is a t-shirt quilt, but this side is all about "birds in the air". She and I went shopping for the fabric in the summer, but lots of things have taken priority over quilting, Obviously, life gets in the way at times, right?

Life is GOOD!

Okay, Deb, here are pictures.
Started just before 8:00 AM
Designed on EQ6

1st "birds in the air" block

Managed to complete this many in the AM after
spending quite a bit of time cutting


Blocks completed today - need to work on the layout

Quiting time!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27: Especially for Deb and other Quilters

Yesterday and today I have been in the studio.  It is all back to being organized after the upheaval created by running the gas line and more electically lines through to the main utility area.  Yesterday I quilted and attached a binding to one lap-size quilt I made in Vermont.  I even managed to do one side of the hand stitching.  Today I quilted a twin-size quilt for the grandkid's room.  It is one I made this summer.  The binding will be attached tomorrow.  Photos won't be shown until finished.

Big announcement is that tomorrow will be spend working on a new quilt top.  I will take photos and post them after dinner.  DECEMBER 28th has been declared "My Day to QUILT" and I am going to do just that!!!

Life is GOOD!

December 27: Two Days of Family Christmas Gatherings

Christmas Eve found 23 of us gathering at our house for a wonderful time of family fun, food (chili and far too many treats).  Kevin and I have been carrying the "boobie prize" from another family game night held 31 years ago.  We had hoped to award it to someone else after a rousing game of bunco, alas, Kevin had the lowest score, so we still have "the frog"  Even so, it made for some great laughs.

The grandkids and great niece and nephew played in the new den and with Great-Grandpa's Christmas tree train, while we played.  I think everyone had a good time.  Of course the food as an added bonus.  I know we ate too much, but everything was so wonderful.  Do holiday goodies really have calories, anyway?

Zoe and Henry did their part to entertain and share the true reason of the season.  They made and frosted the birthday cupcakes to celebrate Baby Jesus's birthday.  Then Zoe acted out the story of the Nativity while her mother read the story.  There was no doubt that we knew the ultimate reason for the gathering.

On Christmas day, we went to church and celebrated the birth of Jesus with prayers and music.  Then we came home to sticky buns, eggs, smokies, and more oohing and ahhing over the food.  Had a hard time not breaking of humming do to the tasty treats.  I put two roasts, potatoes, carrots into crockpots, made green bean casserole, and then spent the rest of morning and afternoon playing with new toys the kids got for Christmas.  It was so relaxing.  Then the kids took naps and the grown-ups simply collapsed in chairs and chilled.

About 5:00 more family showed up for more fun and games along with more very tasty food.  Check out a few of the participates who played Headbandz.

Dad was a super good sport about the invasion of all the family.  He even played the games both nights.  Then he felt that he was also part of the clean up crew.  He is just a great guy!

During these family gatherings a new family mystery has come to pass.  I had said that anyone who was old enough could bring libations, but they also needed to have a designated driver.  Although a little wine was consumed, the only beer used was in biscuits.  On Christmas afternoon we found these two ornaments.  No one is confessing!  But, I do have my suspicions,.............. Wendy.

Life is GOOD!

December 27: What Have I Really Been Doing Since Dec. 18th?

Dad and I needed to do a few short errands early last week.  While we were out, he kept holding his left side.  I got pushing and convinced him to go to his doctor.  He had a broken rib.  Nothing happened to cause it, at least nothing that we know of, but he did have a cough that had been fairly intense for about a week.  Figured that his assistance with the new addition was not really a good thing in that condition, so I became the second guy.
As I have already indicated, I painted, stained, and painted some more.  I also carried lots of heavy things and moved whatever needed to be moved.  In between that I did some baking, finished off the Christmas letters, finished off the book I had started on Dec. 13, and prepared for company.
Then after the carpet was laid, I hired my niece to help with removing all the fine sheet rock dust.  She did a fabulous job on our nasty kitchen floor.  The shine was something unexpected, but so special.  Believe me, she earned her pay.  Then I hired her and her brother for another day to help with the moving in of the furnishing.  Some of the pieces were extremely heavy, but Nick was a good sport and kept working even when he was exhausted.  All I can say is that with all their assistance, we were able to finish before Jamie and family arrived.
We also had to finish a few more orders for 3-tiered quilt racks.  These were done and delivered before Christmas Eve.  While Kevin was delivering the last order, I took another, but it will not be made until  after the beginning of the year.
Once the kids had arrived, I did not find time for blogging.  I love having any and all of my grandkids around.  I play too hard and am totally exhausted each night, but I would not have it another way!  The time we spend together is magical in my heart!  Whether cuddling or playing with the marbles and dice, nothing could be sweeter!
Henry and I spent hours playing on the Nook

We spend tome time practicing singing "Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus"
We wanted to be ready for our own birthday celebration.  Zoe also
practiced the telling of the Christmas Story using one of the Nativity sets as
her props.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Life is GOOD!

December 27: Photos of the Addition - finished enough to Sleep in

Den Windows

trimming the window in one of the bedrooms

Nick is adding bedrails in preparation of the arrival of grandkids

Standing at the side door ready to go sledding
Hanging out in the new den with cousins
I will take more photos in a couple of day.  We still need to finish some of the trim and also complete the finish on the doors.  Of course, the doors were in place along with the curtains so that the kids had some privacy, but they were not really ready to be hung.

Even without being completely finished, the grandkids could not have been more pleased to have all the extra space.  The bunk beds were the very best part as far as Henry was concerned, and Zoe loved being big enough to sleep on the top bunk.

Life is GOOD!

December 27: 37th Wedding Anniversary

Today, Kevin and I are celebrating our 37th year of marriage.  All of it has been good, even when he has been away at sea - we have a bond that always keeps us in touch with each others thoughts and feelings so I never feel too far from him.

Because the snow was coming today, we decided to take in a movie yesterday after all our holiday company headed home.  Then today, Kevin's dad treated us all to lunch at Applebee's. The snow was already falling at that time, and it is still is, but that is part of living in South Dakota in December.

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decmber 18: Pictures Tomorrow

Promised pictures, but they are going to have to wait.
  1. Cleaned up the floor in the addition so that the carpeting could be laid. 
  2. Polyed the door trim on the hall closet.
  3. I have been very busy finishing our Christmas Letter and envelopes.  What started as kind of a family joke has become a highlight of our year, even when it has been as crazy as this one.  Can I used the excuse that I did not have time to thoroughly proof-read????
  4. I spent part of the afternoon making curtains for the new bedroom (nothing fancy, just something to keep people from flashing drivers, etc.)
  5. Stained one side of each new bedroom's door.  (will help those inside to avoid the flashing as well).
  6. Applied hand-rubbed poly to several multi-tiered quilt stands.
  7. Sanded some parts for another jewelry box.
  8. Made dinner for Uncle David and the rest of us.
  9. Fell asleep printing the Christmas Letters.
  10. Made a list for tomorrow.  Pictures for the blog are on it.
Life is GOOD!

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17: I am supposed to be on BREAK!!!

Yeah, right?

I have done more sanding, staining, painting, sanding, fitting, painting, and did I mention sanding in the last few days than I ever imagined I would have done.  But I did squeeze in a short fiction book doing one chapter at a time - A girl needs those!!!!

I will have some photos tomorrow.  Carpet goes in.  Jamie is hoping I finish the bedroom doors, too, but if not she will have to make do!  At least they will be in separate rooms.  LOL

Life is good, but the muscles are aching!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13: Seed of Hope

As long as one has hope, I believe there is a better chance for a good outcome in anything.  In the case of illness, I believe it is even more important.  Therefore, when my sister's friend told her about a scary diagnosis, I was more than willing to make her something tangible to hold onto as she goes through all of this.  In her case, the comfort cross would not work because the cross is not part if her faith practices, so I carved her a "seed of hope" that will fit in the palm of her hand.

The joy of working with wood is revealing its secrets.  Before I started carving this is tiger maple, I did not really notice, but when I was finishing it the plaid effect really came through. The top curves of the heart are about the same shape as my thumb - what a nice feeling to be able to trace it with my thumb.  Hope it will offer her a calming sense and aprreciation of the love and prayers my sister is sending her way.

December 13: YELLOW????????????

Want to share the painting progress in the new living space, but I can already hear friends commenting on it being yellow. I took the photos while we were painting last night.  We have one working outlet until we finish the painting tonight and then the electricians will install the lights, outlets and ceiling fan tomorrow.   I do not think that it is yellow in any light but the high-intensity one we were using for painting, but it certainly does have a yellow cast.  The color is "drum skin" and everywhere else it appears to look a little like butter cream frosting.  Don't tell Deb B, but I really like this color - yellow is great everywhere but on ME or as the predominant color in one of my quilts.

I also sanded this pile of trim and all the rosettes. 13 more pieces of trim had to be ordered, so they will get my attention tomorrow.  Not so much a fan of the rosettes but they are in keeping with the rest of the trim in the house, so that is what we are doing.  Today I am going to be staining in the afternoon.  Dad wants to help so we will see how long he lasts.  His energy is low and he seems to be really worn out but he insists that he feels fine.

Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12: Love Numbers!

This will never happen again in my life.  This is a very unique number for me.  Not a palindrome, but fun to share!

Woke up late today - planned it that way.  Slept until 6:15.  After cleaning up the kitchen, I glanced out the window and rejoiced in the fact that there was light even before I planned to head out to do errands.  On school days it is DARK!

Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11: Amazing How Much Got Done Tonight

Dad did work out in the new space for a short time, but he actually admited he was tired and maybe even a bit dizzy with all the tipping his head back.  When that took place, I quickly changed and headed out for fun and games.  Kevin did the ceiling and I did the walls of the den and touch ups.  ALL walls, ceilings and closets are now primed and we will start painting tomorrow.

I have it set up in one room to start the sanding process.  That will come along at some point tomorrow afternoon.  Have a long-long-long list of other items to do in the morning.  Then I am meeting with someone about doing a square replacement on a not-so-vintage quilt.  Think it will mainly be hand piecing so that will be an okay evening activity for when I can't stand to do any more of anything.  I will check out the project before committing, though.

Now that all the dry wall sanding is done, I have just started the process of deep cleaning and corraling all that fine dust that somehow managed to get into EVERYTHING!  It is worse that the sanding of wood!  Kind of like cleaning up a whole container of baby powder that has been puffed out of the plastic bottle non-stop for hours -  IT IS EVERYWHERE!!!  Today I just did the office and also put away all my school stuff for a month.  Tomorrow it will be the top floor.  Figure I have to work in places that people don't see first or I might just let them go.  By Friday, I am hoping that there will be no surfaces that can be used as design boards.  =0P

December 11: Ta-Da Sorta

I finished my last exam and turned in my final projects today.  I  officially do not to need to go to campus again until January, and that is exactly what I am planning. Loved being in classes and learning so much, but every other area of my life is calling loudly to have a turn.

That is really not going to happen, either because for now I have to focus on my part of the new living space - staining and finishing all the trim and doors.  I don't mind that especially now that my feet are so much better.  Yesterday, the guys blew in all the attic insulation, so I missed out on that labor, but I am going to appreciate that insulation when the weather is either very cold or very hot.

We also have a few more paying jobs to finish in the next week and a half, so there will be a lot of shop time, as well.  Today, I worked on a specially design wood order for my sister's friend.  It is a kidney-bean shaped piece with a heart carved in the center.  It is something like a comfort cross for someone whose going through scary medical times.  First time I have had a carving tool in my hand for months.  Just have to give it one more coat of finish.

Thought I would be painting in the new space tonight but Dad insisted that he would do it.  He is exhausted, but have you ever told a strong-willed 80 year old no?  Right, that does not work.

Here are some photos meant to play catch-up.  The first two are part of the Christmas gifts I was making when I broke my toe two Sundays ago (Toe is feeling pretty much healed, already.)  The rest are updates on the progress in the new space.





Can't believe that I did not share the beautiful snow the first
day.  Think it might have had something with EXAM STRESS,
you think?????

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5: TWO classes basically finished...

Yep, 2 of my classes are basically finished for me because we are doing presentations, and I have done mine in both.  Of course, I am going crazy studying this week.  Had three regular tests, 2 papers, a group paper + presentation, and lots of watching others do their presentations.  During the down times I have studied and should get back to it again right now, but thought I should share....

My big toe finally seems to truly be recovering!!!!  I have slept in my bed all night for the last few nights. The wound is healing and shrinking, and I can wear at least one pair of my shoes without cringing.  Taping the toes on the other foot has helped to make the broken one feel pretty much more normal, but then what is normal for me?

One more pill and I will have finished off the antibiotic, so I guess I should be able to drink milk and eat yogurt again.  Can't wait for my blueberries and yogurt on Friday morning!

Some time in the next few days I will try to download a bunch of pictures showing the remodelling progress and the Christmas gifts that led to my broken toe.  For now, it is back to studying for my comprehensive accounting final.

Life is GOOD!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2: I am an optomist, really I am!

Every day I get up and smile, and welcome whatever is in store for me.  I am an optimist!  There are moments and times of stress, but I love to look for the humor or at least the positive side of a situation.  Today has been a trial for me, but I know that telling the tale will bring a smile to some and and an out-and-out laugh from others.

Jamie said I was not to share the visual evidence of this story, but I can tell you the facts.  If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been experiencing a negative encounter with the removal of my left large toenail and two bad infections that have been part of the healing process.  Even when I knew that the medicine was partly responsible for making me feel a little odder than normal, I was able to find the humor in it all.  Still do see humor in that, but this morning after church, I ran up against a new twist.

I decided to use the time between church and lunch to do some Christmas/birthday sewing.  I was in heaven just playing with the material. (I will share them in the next couple of days.  They were all finished before, during, and after the story that follows.)  However, to paraphrase what Paul Harvey would say, "Now for page 2, and the rest of the story.........."

 I was just enjoying this short but relaxing couple of hours, then I took a mis-step!
Normally, I wear shoes or slippers in the studio, but the foot problem has made me less willing to trap my feet for long periods of time.  The studio floor is and was clean as I reached for something on the counter and realized I was about to bump my poor toe, so I used my other foot to ward off the problem.  Only thing is that my second smallest toe on my right foot encountered a very solid surface that was unwilling to yield right-of-way.  The toe immediately turned BLACK and BLUE, but my tongue was still.  Tears welled up in my eyes, but I fought back any negative words.  Feel pretty certain the toe is broken, but there really is nothing to be done about it.  Before the end of the week I will be fine, but just how much should one girl endure?
My family and close friends are probably chuckling and thinking that I am an accident waiting to happen.  They are probably right, but I was trying to change my ways.   =0)

Life is GOOD, but these toes are PAINFUL!