Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15: Enjoying Sunday

We began the day with church, and then I was on the "corn" team for our annual church turkey dinner.  We used lobster size stockpots and prepared pan after pan of it.  After my 2 hour shift, Kevin and Dad joined me for a delicious dinner.  Great way to spend the morning!

Afterwards, it was time to work on a design in the shop.  Sunday is our day to be creative and do what we enjoy.  We designed a stand for displaying small quilts and other needlework designs.  Dad loves to embroider and I love quilts, so these stands are a great idea.  We also made very simple frames to use in a like manner.  4 hours of work/play was well worth it.

After a huge turkey dinner, we did not really need or want a real dinner, so we made popcorn, played with our laptops, and are still watching Avatar. This is the way to end this day of rest. 

Life is GOOD!

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