Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8: Quilting and Relaxing

Today is our day to step back from the hectic parts of our life.  Kevin and I have decided that we will use Sunday, each week, to do things that we love.  It can be woodworking or quilting or pontooning (if the wind and weather cooperate) or even homework, but what we are doing must be relaxing.

I started out with feeling miserable because of this cold, but I got up and knew I could do whatever I wanted today and that the world would not fall apart if I did nothing at all.  I put a roast in the crockpot, spent a few hours taking pictures with my camera for my photography class - lots of fun! Then I went down to the studio and decided to do brainless piecing.  My cold makes me feel a little fuzzy!

I am making another half-square triangle quilt - a pinwheel.  It is being made up of coin strips that are made from
all kinds of leftover strips and some green fabric that will never be used for anything else.  This quilt will be the last of the quilts needed for the grandkids' bunk room.
 Each pinwheel measures 10" x 10".  Many of the strips are leftover from the Byrnes cousin quilts, but there are quite a few other memories being sewn into this one.  When I quilt it, I plan to use loops or swirls, but as always, the goal will be to make it light and airy.

Just think of it is a HAPPY quilt.

Life is GOOD!

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Auntie Debbie to Zoe and Henry said...

This does look like a cheerful quilt. I bet the bunk room will look awesome with the bunks newly quilted.