Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3: Followed through with all my plans............

Last night I worked on the revamping of the office and got everything organized. I even got our calendar laid out with a good yet flexible schedule.  I have planned in a real office schedule, class and study time, quilting time, exercise time, and even a few hours off to play at other things.  Feels good. 

Then, when I probably should have headed to bed, I played on EQ6 to lay out the two t-shirt quilts I am working on today.  I tend to overbuy the fabric if I don't plan a bit.  I don't mind having an extra yard, but I sometimes get a bit carried away.  These quilts are about 80 x 96.  They are for two of my TALLEST nephews who have recently graduated from high school and are heading off into the world.  Want they to take a piece of their past along so they never forget the good times at home or is that on the soccer field?  (For my nieces and nephews that have never received a wedding quilt or any other type of quilt from me, know that your time will come.  I still have a lot of years in me!!!)

Kevin is mowing, but once he finishes we will be headed to the shop to begin work on other projects. He is making a beautiful oak plant stand/pedestal.  I am making Christmas ornaments.  We each have our own thing to do.  Love spending the time with him even if we are focused on our own stuff.  I just did all the updating to our business funds and know we are not making real money, YET, but we have the funds to maintain, and that is all we had hoped for at this point in the life of this business.  We have a number of arts and crafts sales during the last few months of the year. We are fairly certain that we will make sales, but we are hoping for more furniture commissions where Kevin can really show his talents.  Maybe by the end of the year we well have almost made some kind of profit, but this is a tough business to break into.  Thank goodness we do not have to pay for our household needs from our earnings!  We know we are blessed!

Life is GRAND!

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