Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4: Sunday Means Choices

We have declared Sunday as a relaxation day.  After going to church, each of us decides what will bring the most relaxation to the day.  Kevin is doing so small chores this morning and probably turning wood in the afternoon.  I am cutting t-shirt quilt blocks.  We are hoping to be housebound due to rain, but if it clears the pontoon boat is calling.

Dad does not quite get this Sunday concept, but he goes with the flow.  His church and coffee last most of the morning, and then he is ready to do something.  Now that he is feeling so much better this is a good thing, but it is our declared day off, so...............

I am also going to load and quilt the cousin quilt that will be going to the newest Byrnes cousin who is due this month.

All in all, sewing is one of my favorite relaxation sports, so it is time to head to the studio.  Peeks will be offered later.

Life is GOOD!

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