Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2: Where is the summer going?

I am not much for hot weather, but I do love the idea of summer being leisure time.  It isn't but I can dream, right?  What seems to amaze me is just how fast it is slipping away.  The fields outside my windows are growing nicely.  Farmers have made several cuttings of hay and such (NOT a farm girl, but I am listening.)  I know we need more rain, but we did have some today that lasted several hours.

Some of my friends and family members have started getting ready for school either as students or staff members.  Is it old age, or did we used to have much longer summers?  I am all for maximizing learning, but South Dakota has such a short season of warm weather.  I hate that the kids and families don't have more of it.

I am working on a number of things during this month of August.  I am going to get back into my walking routine and shake up some of the last year's fat build-up.  But, I am also going to pull together my schedule for the remainder of the year.  I have quilts to make, wood to transform, paperwork to maintain, a website that should be updated more often, and reading to do enjoy.  Come September, I know that I will be throwing myself under the bus because of trying to juggle school, the business, fall arts and crafts shows, and quilting, so I am hoping that a little planning now will make it all a little easier for all of us during the Fall semester.

Tonight, I will finish up the office and will have all the t-shirts ready for cutting up into t-shirt quil blocks.  Tomorrow will be divided between quilting and a new wood project.  Sunday will be more of the same along with church and maybe a pontoon ride.  A month of jury duty is starting on Monday, but I won't be doing that every day or all day, so the weeks will be scheduled lightly with the possibility of doing more if time permits.

Still getting used to my tri-focals.  If my eyes are lined up the glasses are great, but it not I become a bobble-head.  Time will make it better!  My eyes are already less tired from the need to constantly adjust.

Life is GOOD!

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Castle Family said...

My active imagination made me envision the bobble head look. I may have laughed out loud at work and got a few funny looks from co-workers.