Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9: Bibs, Bibs, and More Bibs

Dad loves to embroider on his machine.  I do the finishing up of the projects for him.  These bibs represent a good share of the bibs he has done this summer. I think there are a total of 80.  I promised I would have them all finished by the time I go back to school, so I am working at finishing them up over the next couple days. He has some at my sister's kids consignment shop, Kids and Kaboodle.  He is also going to sell them at 2 craft shows this fall along with several other items.

I am also working on 2 t-shirt quilts and some woodwork, so I am keeping busy.  Had to wash the fabric so decided bibs should be on the list for tonight.  Sure am glad I love what I am doing!

Life is Good!

Last pile to need necks attached.  It goes fairly fast so I will
probably have them finished tomorrow.

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grandmatomato said...

I think it is great that "dad' loves to keep busy. Also that the two of you can work on the same project to get them done. It is good that "dad" is feeling better and is getting back to being creative. Enjoy your last few days till school starts.